Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a beautiful life...!

Yes, it indeed is a beautiful life...and you can make it even more beautiful by your acts, deeds and words. By being consistent in your behavior and mannerisms (not impulsive), you can definitely make some difference to somebody’s life. Ok, you'd say, you preach well. What wrong do I do? What difference will I be able to make? I'm not in the league of those big leaders and thinkers who actually bring about changes to peoples’ lives. I just cannot do such a task which requires such mammoth efforts!
(Task…? Mammoth efforts…?) Ok Ok! Don’t panic. I am not asking you to run a nationwide election campaign for me. Just answer a few simple questions?

·         How do you like when someone talks with you politely?

·         How do you like when you’re given the credit / praise you rightfully deserve?

·         How do you like when you’re served with cold water when you come home?

·         How do you like when someone gives you the attention you sought for?

·         How do you like when someone treats you lavishly with no hidden agendas?

·         How do you like when on your mistake your boss says, “Don’t worry. It’ll be alright.”?

Now you’d ask, “I also do all such things. Am I making some difference?

Certainly yes, if (now there is an ‘if’ involved) it’s not just your relative who gets most of your attention / polite words. Your children and family members too get some share of those.

Certainly yes, if you don’t scold your child after she breaks a glass bowl / toy. You don’t scold your relative’s child on the same incident, do you? You just say, “Oh dear, don’t worry, I’ll clean it up…

Certainly yes, if you really care for your elderly parents. “But I am concerned for them”. Well if you really are concerned then show that concern to them. Take them wherever they want to go, get them whatever they need. Cook for them, have food together. Be with them. Cherish those moments. They did most of it when you were a kid. Even if they did not, does not mean that you shy away from your duties.
These are just examples. You can do a lot of such small-small things to bring about changes. What else can you do?

Whatever you do, just remember, there is a wonderful mythical law of nature that — the three things we crave most in life — happiness, freedom, and peace of mind—are always attained by giving them to someone else. [General Peyton C. March (1864-1955)]

Time to think!


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