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The strange donation

Most of us are indulged in charitable activities. Some way or the other, we do charity. It does not depend on how much one donates. What matters is that the donation is used in the most appropriate manner possible. Few days back (in fact last month), we also did a donation, a strange donation.

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Yesterday was a mixed day for the Indian cricket team. The team won the match against South Africa, but lost against a combined team of Australia and Pakistan. It seemed like the fate was decided even before the match actually begun.

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The new Indian Currency!

The new Indian Currency is not new as such. It has been around for quite a while. I am not mentioning about the new rupee symbol. It is about something else.

Whenever we go to market, buy something and don't have enough change, the shopkeepers give us something else in return. Depending on the shop, most of the times it is a toffee or two. We don't mind, take it back and return to our destinations.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 1 comments

Playing challenged?

We see a lot of challenged people around us. They come in all forms. Short-tall, skinny-obese, rich-poor, etc. They somehow grasp our attention and many of us feel sorry about them. Have you ever thought how would you live if you have to do away with any of your body parts or its abilities. Think about people who lose their limbs or get paralyzed in accidents or lose their vision or speech or ability to speak. All of a sudden, without any prior warning, their life changes. A walking person now has to use calipers or a wheelchair.
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Has the rupee really lost its value?

I was going to the market today. En-route I was thinking about the present state of the rupee and how it affects the exporters and the importers. Meanwhile, I saw two small kids, beggar types, playing. And playing with what - a rupee coin.

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Bankers, please respect your customers

Last weekend I had a bad experience with IDBI Bank. We went to IDBI Bank, Saheli Marg on Saturday to discuss the Auto FD issue (an issue which we are planning to get resolved, this is another story) and to start a new RD as well. I was not aware that the relationship manager was on leave. I was told to meet another bank official regarding the Auto FD and new RD. The overall experience was bad and horrible. Read this mail for the entire incident.

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Why does the "general caste" not vote?

A couple of days back the Government passed the bill for reservation in promotion. Many people were upset after reading this. And rightly so, as people would now not move up the ladder on the basis of merit but on the basis of their religious or communal background. What the hell?
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You will always be your parents’ baby

This must have happened to most people in their childhood. Their parents’ would have given them money to donate to temples and pilgrim locations. May not be a huge sum of money but coins of 50p, Rs 1-2 or 10. Even, Rs 100 or 500, as per the occasion. This generally happens when children are not earning but the parents want them to do some charity for whatever reason possible.
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New look of my blog

Hey friends...I have updated my blog with a new template. Have also added integrated FaceBook comments and sharing on other Social Media sites. Share your views and let me know how you like it!!


- Vivek
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EnableTalk - Let everyone talk

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Spectacular videos of our planet from the ISS

Lovely view of our planet from International Space Station (ISS)
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Meri Maa

आज भी याद है मुझे -

लोरी गा के, कथा सुना के, मुझे सुलाती
मेरी माँ

सुबह उठा के, खिला पिला के, स्कूल ले जाती
मेरी माँ
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Sarcasm ki malika...

sarcasm ki malika
satire ki maharani

na sune kabhi kisi ki
sadaa kare man-mani
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Idli-Uttapam Coincidence

My wife is a good cook. (This statement is to make her happy). The best thing is that she keeps on conducting new experiments and the testing is done on me (poor me). Some experiments are successful and others are unfortunate, but there are no unsuccessful experiments. (I am still fit and fine). The unfortunate ones were so as she had to leave them while the food was being cooked on the gas stove and the flame was on. She could not take care of them  so very unfortunate.
Thursday, April 26, 2012 1 comments

Is it all about money, honey?

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business” – Henry Ford

He was right when Henry Ford said that. The modern day businesses seem to have forgotten that. Everywhere you go, whatever service or product that you want to buy, businesses demand money. There are freebies available too, but everything else is charged for.
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Who owns the Indian Railways?

Indian Railways, the biggest employer of India, is in a sorry state today. One might say that the government or the ministry owns it. The truth is, nobody owns public property. Just because it is public and there are so many stakeholders with their own interests, agendas and propagandas that the mere existence of the public property is sidelined, forget growth and upgradation.
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It's a beautiful life...!

Yes, it indeed is a beautiful life...and you can make it even more beautiful by your acts, deeds and words. By being consistent in your behavior and mannerisms (not impulsive), you can definitely make some difference to somebody’s life. Ok, you'd say, you preach well. What wrong do I do? What difference will I be able to make? I'm not in the league of those big leaders and thinkers who actually bring about changes to peoples’ lives. I just cannot do such a task which requires such mammoth efforts!