Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Yesterday was a mixed day for the Indian cricket team. The team won the match against South Africa, but lost against a combined team of Australia and Pakistan. It seemed like the fate was decided even before the match actually begun.

The Aussie team was outplayed by the Pakistan team. The target was not that big for the chasing team. Other than Michael Hussey, no other batsman could face the Pakistan bowling attack. They somehow managed to play full 20 overs and reach a respectable score. But this is not how the Aussies play.

Throughout the tournament, they have played superbly. Then what happened yesterday? It seemed as if someone did not want India to qualify to the semi finals. Had Pakistan lost the match yesterday, India could have reached the semi finals. Did the Aussie lost on purpose? Was the outcome preplanned?

I might sound like another upset Indian fan, but I am not. I am trying to be rational here. I can say the same thing for India-Pakistan match too. Pakistan was in good form before the match. They were outplayed by India.

In both the situations, the losing team was in good form, yet they lost! Did they lose on purpose? Only time will tell.

- Vivek


Saurav said...

Yes I totally agree that yesterday Australia lost on purpose. Seems like they already had planning done with Pakistan and both executed the plan well. Even before the start of Ind-SA match deep down in heart Indian cricket fans knew, there is only a slender chance for team India making it to semis....

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