Sunday, October 14, 2012

The strange donation

Most of us are indulged in charitable activities. Some way or the other, we do charity. It does not depend on how much one donates. What matters is that the donation is used in the most appropriate manner possible. Few days back (in fact last month), we also did a donation, a strange donation.

Call it a charitable activity or smart marketing, but I felt as if I was cheated. I was already aware of such clever marketing tactics and was expecting the same.

Last year Big Bazaar had started a garbage collection spree. It invited people to sell scrap, waste, unwanted or useless items which they normally sell to the kabadi. In return they got discount coupons which they could use while shopping. But there was a catch! They could only redeem the voucher up to 10% of the bill amount. (I am not sure of the percentage amount but there was such a catch).

Last month, Easy Day launched a similar scheme, with slight difference. They only asked people to donate clothes. Of course, it is better than collecting useless scrap! In return they gave a Rs. 100 voucher for each set of 2 clothes. But there was an even bigger catch!

These vouchers could be redeemed only on shopping of apparels worth Rs. 1000. So that means even after donating a pair of clothes, one has to spend Rs. 900 to redeem the voucher. Wow! Smart marketing!

So Easy Day gets the clothes and also sales revenue. That's really smart.

We did not redeem those. Please don't expect me to spend Rs. 900 to buy apparels from Easy Day. I'd better try other stores during a season discount!

I just hope that those clothes reach the actual needy, and are not taken up or sold by Easy Day staff.



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