Friday, January 4, 2013

Our high moral values

This New Year was different than the previous ones. The nation was fighting for a cause, safety and respect of our women. So that there be no other Damini and if so the heinous culprits could be punished to the maximum extent possible.

There was a time in our history when females were addressed as Devi which means Goddess. A lot of respect was being given to them. Time has changed a lot since then. Devi has been replaced by Sheela, Munni and Chikni Chameli, the so called item girls. People love to see hot songs and movies. A pretty girl is now termed as item. What a shame!

Well this is one aspect. What about those who abuse small girls. Girls who are 1.5, 2, 3, 5 year old and who cannot even express themselves are being abused by people who are sick. I've once heard that Men want only one thing from women. Alright! May be that's true but not for all. Not all men desire so.

Seeing your 3 year daughter approaching you, Papa Papa - it fills you with so much love with life that you don't ask for anything else. Playing with her not her body makes you happy. The latter will make you sick and guilty. One would not imagine anybody causing harm to his daughter, forget abusing her. Still people try to hush-hush family abuse.
Letting your daughter go out on her own is not an easy task these days. The only thing that pacifies is seeing her back home safely. The question is, why do we have to worry about female safety in a society where women are worshiped? People often comment on the victim. She was not wearing proper attire or her perfume and style attracted trouble for her.

Crap! This is insane. Instead of accusing the criminal someone is blaming the victim. May be the victim was responsible somewhere but that does not reduce the magnitude of the crime.

Molestation or Rape cases are not handled seriously by police. May be due to the background of the people involved or lack of sufficient evidences. Either the culprit ends up confessing and we're good to go. Or else the police in-turn abuse the victim.

Similar is the case for Acid burn survivors. Someone threw acid on a lady. He was a close relative or friend. When asked why he did that, he told, "There are so many people out there commenting on her which I did not like. So instead of asking them to shut-up, I preferred defacing the girl to stop the comments". Whoa! What an act of bravery!

Let's challenge rape and acid-burn culprits to try and become the victims to feel the pain and agony. I know this might not be the right way for some but we all need to understand this. Incidents like molesting, rape, sexual abuse or acid burn cause multiple damages. Of course physical and medical wounds are there but more deeper damaged is caused by the mental wounds.

The survivors are often found to live in traumatized situations. They cannot sleep properly, living in the society becomes hell. Finally, they either move to other cities where no one knows them or prefer to end their lives.

The culprits can never think of the aftermaths of their heinous actions. Many do such crimes for adventure, out of frustration or even for fun or as a challenge. Yes, that's right. People who think that they have the supreme power and who can control the law of the land do not hesitate to misbehave with any girl they find pretty. They would not mind killing someone who tries to stop them. Such an incident had happened in Goa when few eve-teasers killed a friend of the girl and injured another. Public was present as born dumb-blind spectators. Nothing happened after that. The culprits were never caught.

Many people see scantily-dressed women on television, who are presented as objects or items. Which makes them think alike for some females around them - some they meet daily while others are encounters. Most of such men are frustrated - with their life, job, relationship, etc. Others come from places where a pretty girl is like the 8th wonder of the world. They see her with fascination and amusement as if they have never ever seen a girl. Out of their frustration, they drink and smoke thinking that it would help them do away with that frustration which in-turn keeps on mounting up. Many-a-times such drunk people are involved in rape and specifically gang-rape cases.

But the fact is that the criminals cannot bear the same torture that they cause themselves. Throw acid on them or castrate them or chop off their limbs too. Some might even pee in their pants.

People, particularly men, need to understand that women are not objects and need respect. For those of us who already understand and those who can, should get united whenever and wherever they see anyone misbehaving in whatever way with any female. We need to shoo away fear from our mind and heart and fight for a cause - respect of a woman.

We should nurture good habits and should have good hobbies. Drinking and smoking will never relieve off of any frustration. Nor would late-night drink-hard parties.

Women should also exercise some safety measures like keeping sharp objects or pepper or chilly spray with them, staying away from lonely places especially during night. Learning self defense techniques is also a good option.

United we stand, divided we fall!

- Vivek


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