Monday, May 7, 2012

Idli-Uttapam Coincidence

My wife is a good cook. (This statement is to make her happy). The best thing is that she keeps on conducting new experiments and the testing is done on me (poor me). Some experiments are successful and others are unfortunate, but there are no unsuccessful experiments. (I am still fit and fine). The unfortunate ones were so as she had to leave them while the food was being cooked on the gas stove and the flame was on. She could not take care of them  so very unfortunate.

The problem is that I have to bear the aftermaths of an unfortunate experiment. The aloo-ki-tikiya turns black, or the gajar-ka-halwa turns into a chunk of coal or the khaman-dhokla turns into a pile of liquid besan. There are some others too which I have been warned of not mentioning ever, else...I would be responsible for the consequences.

The latest addition to her experiments is a fortunate experiment as it ended up successfully. (And fortunate enough to have a blog post dedicated to it...hush-hush...don't tell this to her). Its name is Idli-Uttapam. Most of you would have had a chance to eat either Idli or Uttapam as separate dishes. But I have had a chance to eat both of them as inseparable dish. (Thanks to my wife).

As we do not have an apparatus to bake Idlis, she used an aluminium utensil (used to make khaman-dhokla) to prepare Idli. It was all going well, but she decided to pursue some other task before the Idlis are steamed and fully prepared. Then the miracle happened. All the water got evaporated and the Idli started to get cooked like a big fat Uttapam.

The Uttapam thought to wait for her and decided to not to turn black. It was helped by the utensils. The outer one turned multi-colored from stainless steel and the inner ring got heated up just to make sure that the Uttapam is safe inside the aluminium utensil.

Fortunately, she realized that there is something cooking and rushed to save it from burning. It was a surprise for us that the big Idli turned to an Uttapam, but not for the maid...#@!#..@!

My wife somehow managed to keep her calm and composed. All-in-all the experiment was successful and we enjoyed the yummy delight!

(Can someone count the no. of fortunate/fortunately used in this post?)


Sunshine said...

Hey..your wife can use small bowls or is fine if U want to have the same dish again :)

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