Monday, September 3, 2012

You will always be your parents’ baby

This must have happened to most people in their childhood. Their parents’ would have given them money to donate to temples and pilgrim locations. May not be a huge sum of money but coins of 50p, Rs 1-2 or 10. Even, Rs 100 or 500, as per the occasion. This generally happens when children are not earning but the parents want them to do some charity for whatever reason possible.

Yesterday, when I was at the temple, my mother gave me some money to put in to the donation box. I wanted to politely react like, “Please mummy. You don’t need to give this to me. I earn. I am the one who is supposed to give now, not you.” I wanted to say, “I’ve already taken a lot from you and Papa, in terms of your time, love and affection, money and lots of other things which I cannot even measure.”

But I could not. I saw her smiling face full of peace and serenity. Happy as she always should be. I was speechless. I knew it was not about money or who is giving and who is not. It’s about the love, care and affection of parents towards their child. Perhaps my mere presence was giving her so much happiness that she did not want anything else. And she wanted to thank God by means of this small charity through my hands. Perhaps not! I don’t know.

Parents have always been like this (Not under all circumstances). They would always like to give whatever they can to their children, do anything what they can for them. They will not ask for anything in return – except for the love and respect which they should get. For them their children would have the same value as they always had. They would always be their babies, their children.


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