Monday, September 10, 2012

Bankers, please respect your customers

Last weekend I had a bad experience with IDBI Bank. We went to IDBI Bank, Saheli Marg on Saturday to discuss the Auto FD issue (an issue which we are planning to get resolved, this is another story) and to start a new RD as well. I was not aware that the relationship manager was on leave. I was told to meet another bank official regarding the Auto FD and new RD. The overall experience was bad and horrible. Read this mail for the entire incident.

I wanted to know if the Auto FD facility has been activated on our account or not. She checked the balance and told me that the account does not have sufficient balance for her to be able to tell if the facility is activated or not. I told her now after knowing that the Auto FD is not activated yet, I am not maintaining enough balance for the Auto FD facility. Now, if the facility has been activated, I would like to maintain enough balance. She bluntly said, “Sir, first please deposit some money into the account and only then I would be able to tell you if the facility is activated or not”. I thought that’s ok, but I can at least start the new FD / RD (by then I had not made up my mind on starting an FD or RD).

I asked her about it and she just handed over the form to me saying, “Sir, this is the form please fill it”. I asked for more explanation about rate of interest, duration of deposit, penalty for premature withdrawal, etc. which she answered in a better way. After filling the form and some minor corrections, we had to wait for my wife to sign the form, as she was standing in the cash deposit queue.

In the meantime, I asked her if there are any other investment options with the bank? To which she responded, “Sir, how many questions would you ask? I have other things to do as well”. I was taken aback. I told her, “Ma’am, I am your customer and I am asking you as I am not aware of any other investment options”.

She questioned me further, “What type of investment options are you looking for?”. I told her that if I had the idea I would not have asked at all. She said, “Today is Saturday so sales people are not around. You may visit the branch on any other week day to know more about the investment options”. I felt bad, really bad and told her that I was not talking to her to pass my time. I mean serious investment. She looked upset.

After a few moments, I asked her, “Do you talk to every customer the way you are talking to me?”. She said, “Yes”. I was expecting this. Again after a pause of a few moments, I asked her, “Why do people in the bank think that the customer runs because of the bank?”. I wanted to add, “It is the customer due to which the bank is running. This fact should be appreciated”. Before I could say that, she, very impolitely asked me to go and sit in front of the branch manager. I again felt bad but I did not leave.

Just then, my wife came, signed the documents and I left the branch with my wife and first ever unhappy and horrible experience with IDBI Bank.

I’ve never had such an experience with any other bank. I could have created a scene over there naming few big accounts, other than my present company, that the bank takes care of and who are closely associated with me and also some other references in the bank itself who represent the bank at national level. I did not. I chose to face this being just another customer.

Now, I just want to express my resentment in writing and request for a disciplinary action so that no other customer has to suffer what I had to. Please escalate the issue, if needed. I can vouch for what I have written and I want this case to be an example for all bank employees who have problem with their attitude, don’t know how to behave and have no time to talk to their customer.

Hope to see some action taking place with this blog. As per the last update that I got, the branch head has had a word with this lady.

I understand that there are lot customers who bug and irritate but that does not mean that one treats every customer in the same way. Bankers, please respect your customers.

- Vivek


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