Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why does the "general caste" not vote?

A couple of days back the Government passed the bill for reservation in promotion. Many people were upset after reading this. And rightly so, as people would now not move up the ladder on the basis of merit but on the basis of their religious or communal background. What the hell?

The first thought that came to my mind was why are the politicians giving so much benefits to the reserved category. They already have so much that the people who fall under the general category feel deprived. In a country where we have "equality for all", we also have "reservation" for certain "select people". Why?

Perhaps because the general category is not an attractive or reliable vote bank. At least not for the politicians'. Because the general category is not inclined towards a particular political party, whereas some reserved communities are. I would love to be wrong on this debatable topic, but the politicians have a set mindset. They believe that giving privileges to the reserved category would ensure votes in the election. They do not think so for the general category. Does that mean that the general category does not vote? May be, yes.

It is a lot easier to gather a huge crowd of the reserved category. Not all groups, but many, get united, and participate. Their participation is also higher - not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of their enthusiasm and passion. Many a times this enthusiasm takes a violent form. This is required to show presence of that particular political group or community - they ignite riots, call for strikes and band.

The general category does not wholly participate in such events. Though there are few exceptions - like supporting Team Anna. But that has also taken up a political shape and is not that effective anymore. May be, this is how small movements fade out.

Reservation, in the long run will do no good to the country and it's people. If reservation is to be there - it should be on the basis of economic state of a person / family not on the basis of their caste. Also there should be a check on whether the actual needy is benefiting out of this system and it is not being misused by the mightier.

To face the current political scenario, the general category should now unite and evolve as a strong and powerful vote bank to be able to get more benefits. Yet, not participate in unlawful activities. This should help.


- Vivek


Sunshine said...

Totally agree but we have a generation who know who created Facebook but may not the prime minister.

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